Canggu is a hot spot on the must-visit Indonesian island of Bali that is known for its laid-back vibes. The area sits beachside and pulls in many surfers, expats, yoga lovers and digital nomads.

If you’re craving some relaxation time, love cafe culture and if you want to experience Balinese culture with your western comforts still close by. We wrote down the "see & do" list for you to explore the area:

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Tanah Lot Temple: Just up the road from Canggu is Bali’s most famous temple Tanah Lot. It’s a sea temple that is perched on a small rocky outcrop and gets cut off at high tide.

Watch the Sunset from Echo Beach: Canggu is known for its amazing surf and black sand beaches, but it’s also one of the best places on the island to watch the sunset.

The best place to watch the sunset is at Echo Beach, the famous Echo Beach House. It’s the perfect sea front spot to grab a cool beer or cocktail and watch the last surfers of the day. 

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Old Man’s Bar: Sitting along Batu Bolong Beach, this Canggu bar attracts an eclectic mix of locals, expats, and tourists who are all looking for a cool surf bar that is nestled up against the beach. 

Pretty Poison: is equal parts skatepark, bar/nightclub, and tattoo parlor. They bring retro California to Bali with an empty backyard pool, where you can grab a drink and watch skateboarders skate the pool.

La Brisa: This beach-chic bohemian establishment found right on Echo Beach is the perfect place to catch a sunset or cool off by the small pool. 


Sand Bar: is where a day lounge turns into a night lounge. Every Wednesday night they host lively beach parties with DJs and live bands to keep you going late into the night.  



The Shady Shack: The emphasis here is on meat-free, healthy food. Top dishes include the nori bowl, the Shack Attack burger, and the Onsen eggs.


Crate Cafe: is an ultra cool, hipster coffee joint with bold murals and industrial chic decor, serves up delicious food at a great price. 

Betelnut: offers deliciously filling, healthy dishes and serves some of the best coffee and fruitiest smoothies in Bali.

Poke Poke: serves up fresh fish dishes and some of the best poke bowls on the island of Bali.

The Avocado Factory: overlooks the local rice fields and serves every dish with a ton of avocado. 

Musubi: fuses Japanese food with brunch to create fantastic dishes like sushi burgers, gyoza-stuffed fried chicken, prawn katsu bao buns, Kogune Scotch eggs, and Miso caramel crumb milkshakes.



Six best surf spots in Canggu: Canggu Bali surf offers something for everyone, from softer slower waves for beginner surfers to hollow barreling waves for expert surfers. 

  • Berawa Surf Spot: Berawa is an intermediate wave, pretty fast, but not super fast and not particularly likely to barrel.

  • Batu Bolong Surf Spot: Batu Bolong is a reef break. This  slow moving wave  is suitable for beginning surfers. The wave can give very long rides, but it can also be crowded with a mix of beginner and expert surfers. 

  • Old Man’s Surf SpotOld Man’s wave stands up slowly and peels slowly over a deep reef. It is also suitable for beginners but intermediates also enjoy the long rides this wave can give.

  • Echo Beach Surf SpotsEcho beach has several distinct intermediate to expert level surf spots. The wave hits a pretty shallow reef suddenly and can barrel. It is not suitable for beginners. Intermediates will find stiff competition from experts here.

  • Sand Bar Surf Spot: Also breaking suddenly, sometimes heavier than Echo reef, but it is a sand bottom so it is a little safer.

  • Pererenan Stairs Surf Spot: Stairs breaks over a mix of sand and rock. The reef is a little shallow on the inside so choose where to go in and out carefully. This spot has both a left hand and a right hand wave and is often less crowded than other spots for surfing in Canggu.



The best boutiques in Canggu

What was once a small surf town flocked only by boho travellers and off-the-beaten-path backpackers, has evolved into a hedonistic neighbourhood of epic restaurants, luxury spas, cute cafes and late night bars. And of course, some of the best fashion stores around… This hipster hub of the island holds more fashionable stores than we’ve seen anywhere in Indonesia.

Here are some of our favorite boutiques: Lost in Paradise, Rue Stiic, Bamboo Blonde, Uma & Leopold, COVE Island Essentials, Lulu Yasmine, SIR the label, Magali Pascal, Erika Peña, Yoli & Otis, Palma Australia, Crate Concept Store, and so much more...

The best spas in Canggu

It is natural that after several days exploring Canggu, surfing or doing other holiday things, your mind and body become tired. Maybe, it is time to get a break for a while from your adventure. Here are our favorite spas in Canggu when you can have the best relaxing time:  Gold Dust Beauty LoungeDesa SeniTherapy & Spring Spa.

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Mount Agung

Mount Agung, towering over 3000 metres above sea level, has a huge spiritual significance to the Balinese people and is home to the mother temple of Besakih. If you want to be a challenger adventure tours who thinks that trekking or climbing is spectacular, this trek will be great choice for you. 

Distance from the villa: 2h


The town of Ubud, in the uplands of Bali, Indonesia, is known as a center for traditional crafts and dances. The surrounding Ubud District’s rainforest and terraced rice paddies, dotted with Hindu temples and shrines, are among Bali’s most famous landscapes. Enjoy your day by exploring the famous terraced rice paddies, visit the monkey forest and walk through the daily Ubud Market. Distance from the villa: 40 min


Uluwatu is a stunning destination in south Bali, known for its clifftop views and being home to some of Bali's best beaches. In Uluwatu, you have a unique combination of laid-back surfing vibes and some of the best luxury hotels and resorts in Bali. Visit the Uluwatu temple, surf one of the most famous world's spot and relax around a few beers in Single fin bar.

Distance from the villa: 1h